Trent Dougherty for Franklin County Municipal Court
     I am a husband, father, and a career-long legal advocate for the protection of human health and our environment.  I was educated in our local public schools, from my grade school years in the Southwestern City Schools, to graduating high school in Hilliard. I went on to get my Bachelor’s Degree at The Ohio State University, and then my Law Degree at Capital University Law School.  My wife, Vanessa, and I chose to raise our family – daughter Sylvie and dogs Quincy and Sam – right here in Franklin County.      With my law degree, I chose to dedicate my career to non-profit legal advocacy — putting my passion for a better tomorrow ahead of pursuit of personal fortune. As General Counsel for the Ohio Environmental Council, I have
  • been a fighter and problem solver for the public interest;
  • tried, managed, and overseen cases in a variety of courts at the state, local, and federal level – taking on big-moneyed interests to protect our environment and our children; and
  • worked with diametrically opposed groups and decision-makers to craft solutions that are fair, just, and forward-thinking.
For the past 14 years I have led the legal charge for a cleaner, safer, and more just Ohio. I plan to use this unique experience, my dedication to fairness, and my passion for justice to serve the Franklin County community I call home.

Trent Dougherty for Judge

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